This is the NEW VISION for the sports management industry centred around world class care for athletes, and strong relationships between New Vision Sports and all levels of the football clubs and organisations we partner with. The core of our brand is integrity and respect.

Our full-service management company provides our clients with passionate, connected, hard-working professionals who have one goal in common, winning.

New Vision Sports will accept nothing less than perfection for our clients, reputation is everything in an industry where second best isn’t good enough. Our Intermediaries are trained and developed within our own culture to ensure when they join the experts in the team, they understand the New Vision Sports brand and the winning culture inherent in our brand values.

Business, PR, Legal, Media and Wellness teams provide a full suite of services for the modern athlete. Everything from club and endorsement contract negotiations, brand development through to Social Media management is taken care of, leaving the client to concentrate on what they do best.

We honour each professional client with their own unique solid gold, diamond encrusted, debit card, alongside a luxury 24/7 concierge service, meaning that nothing is ever out of reach, no matter what time of day or how small the request. Also giving the clubs and organisations we partner with the peace of mind that their asset is being looked after responsibly and professionally outside of the work place.