Like in traditional sports, New Vision Sports provide a full end-to-end suite of services to our esports clients. Each agent works around the clock covering many time zones and are always on hand alongside their client no matter where in the world they are competing.

With many sponsorship partners including energy drinks, sports, electrical equipment and clothing, New Vision Sports can tailor each sponsorship package to the individual client we represent, providing maximum exposure and generating maximum revenue.

Our agency has unprecedented access to the top tier teams in esports and have already been instrumental in matching key players to form elite champions. Extensive knowledge of the esports sector allows our team to make informed decisions that will enter our players into the best tournaments, with the highest chance of winning and ultimately taking home the prize money.

Our internal teams handle everything from competition entry paperwork, travel and accommodation arrangements, through to any legal and contractual matters that arise, allowing the player to focus on playing and doing their best on the virtual field of play.

In a multi-billion dollar industry its crucial each elite esports player has their own elite team supporting them behind the scenes to become a champion. Choose New Vision Sports Group.